Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cuomo Vs. "Special Interests"

That's how the Daily News frames the story that Cuomo is raising money from Wall Street, from hedge fund managers, and from corporations to take on "special interests" like public employees unions.

Apparently, at least in this framing of the issue, Wall Street, hedge fund managers and corporations are NOT "special interests."

Never mind that Cuomo is raising millions from these people in order to do their bidding.

Never mind that Wall Street had its most profitable quarter ever or that the banksters are handing out billions in bonuses this year.

The problem according to Wall Street, to the hedge fund types and to corporations is that "special interests" like public employees unions are demanding too much of the public dime and need to be stopped so that taxes on corporations and rich people can be cut.

So they're handing Little Andy millions in order to make sure that corporations pay as little in tax as possible, that hedge fundies pay 15% capital gains instead of actual, you know, income tax on their income, and that public employee pay and pensions are slashed to the bone so that the government can spend less money and tax corporations and rich people even less than the current low levels.

Ah, yes - those evil public employee special interests.

But there's no "special interest" that Cuomo is serving by taking millions from Wall Street and corporations and serving those interests.

Oh, no - that's his patriotic duty.

What a grand guy he is.

Indeed, a hero.

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