Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Another Good Reason Not To Support Quinn For Mayor

From the Post:

Democratic mayoral contender Bill de Blasio yesterday tore into rival Christine Quinn’s decision to keep Ray Kelly on as police commissioner if she is elected mayor later this year.

The public advocate, one of Quinn’s likely challengers, painted the closed-door move as a “backroom deal” orchestrated by Mayor Bloomberg.

De Blasio admitted he doesn’t know whether the mayor was personally involved in conversations between Kelly and Quinn, the City Council speaker.

“But I do know this: The people of this city are sick of backroom deals. They’re sick of the mayor, in particular, trying to exert influence on the next administration, trying to continue to have a role that is not one that should continue after his term is up,” de Blasio said in response to a report about the deal in yesterday’s Post.

Quinn will keep Kelly at the NYPD.

Does that mean she'll keep Walcott at the DOE too?

Does that mean she'll keep most or all of Bloomberg's policies in place?

Does that mean she'll be Bloomberg's fourth term?


  1. YES, YES, AND YES, No to Quinn. Her rivals should point out the third term over and over, and announcements as these prove the point. This arranged and orchestrated announcement can only solidify the base of minority New Yorkers who have been opposed to many of the policies that Kelly and Bloomberg and Walcott for that matter have implemented. The closer the picture paints Bloomberg and Quinn the better for the opposition. I only hope that the other Democratic candidates do not harm each other to the point that Quinn squeezes out a 40% vote in the primary. "ABQ"

  2. I think the only thing we can say for sure is that if Quinn looks like she's going to win, Mulgrew will find a way to back her regardless.

  3. In order to defeat Quinn and her secret slush fund support from the plutocracy two things must happen early on. There must be an early consolidation of voters behind one effective challenger. This would require some of the candidates to drop out. Second there must be an effective counter attack against the Quinn propaganda by linking her to the failed leadership of Emperor Bloomberg, his neglect of the outer boroughs, his term limit violation deal, technology scandals and police brutality.