Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Just Another Reason To Work Against Christine Quinn

From NY Magazine:

City Council president and Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has reportedly committed to keeping Police Commissioner  Ray Kelly in control of the NYPD, and even though she was as cagey as possible about that decision in a mayoral forum hosted by Al Sharpton on Tuesday, she still got booed for it. "I have no jobs to offer to him or anyone else," Quinn said when asked if she would keep him on. The booing started when she went on to say that the city “would be lucky” if he stayed. 

Qinn went on to say that even if Kelly stays, the police policies will change under her.

But it's hard to see how that happens when you want to keep the guy who promotes Stop and Frisk as the bestest police tool since the billy club or orange netting

Just one more reason to work against her (as if the term limit thing wasn't enough!)


  1. Even Emperor Bloomberg wants to dump Christine Quinn. She is a fool, a cry-baby, and a knave all in one politician.

  2. You're right - even Bloomberg doesn't want Bloomberg Lite.

    I really hope she loses. All politicians are slimy, but she's slimier than most.