Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Putting The $250 Million In Perspective

That's the amount in increased aid the city will lose if the DOE and the UFT fail to come to an agreement over evaluations by January 17.

An additional $200 million in grant money may be put in jeopardy as well.

The total operating budget of the DOE is $19.7 billion.

The CityTime crooks stole $700 million from under the nose of city officials.

The Bloomberg 911 system is $1 billion overbudget.

Sure, losing an increase in $250 million in aid to the school system would suck - if that money were actually going to be used in schools.

But let's be frank - Bloomberg and Walcott have cut school budgets by 14% over the past few years even as they have increased spending on technology contracts, testing contracts and outside consultants.

The new teacher evaluation system is premised upon having both state and city tests in every subject in every grade all throughout the year.

They're not going to use the $250 million in classrooms or schools.

They're going to use it for technology contracts and testing contracts and consultants.

This is the kind of "aid increase" that winds up costing more than the actual aid increase (kinda like how the NY State Race to the Top "award" of $700 million cost districts around the state a total of $2 billion in reforms.)

The media will bludgeon teachers with that $250 million figure on the off chance no agreement is reached, but honestly, Bloomberg loses more a year to crooked consultants than that and most of this money will never see the inside of a classroom or a school unless it's in the form of a standardized test or a six figure Common Core consultant.



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