Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Maybe They Can Change The Name Of The University To Michaels Bloomberg?

The NY Times publishes a p.r. piece for Bloomberg that reveals Mayor Mikey has "donated" over $1.1 billion to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, in the last forty years.

As such, Johns Hopkins has become an offshoot of Bloomberg LP/NYC - just another Bloomberg fiefdom where he gets to do what he wants when he wants because he's writing the biggest checks.

The article is such a suck-up piece that I have to think the rumors that Mayor Mikey is looking to buy the Times must be true.

Struggling financially, the Times has been canning lots of staff lately - including senior editors.

But if Mayor Mikey buys the paper, they too can enjoy the kind of largesse that Johns Hopkins enjoys - unlimited cash so long as they promote a Bloombergian agenda.

As New York Magazine put it,  Bloomberg will become "a long-fabled white knight for beleaguered Times staffers."

The Times sucks already - it consistently promotes a corporatist, neo-liberal, imperialist agenda in both the news coverage and the abysmal op-ed pages.

But just wait until Mayor Mikey gets his hands on the NY Times and turns it into the Bloomberg Times - that agenda will be even worse.


  1. The Bloomberg connection explains why they got rid of Weinrip off the ed beat and didn't hire Anna Philips and gave the local ed beat to Al Baker who covered the police before. Keep the reporters ignorant and ed stories uncovered because if they actually covered them they could only be neg on Bloomberg -- except for the Michael Powell piece the otehr day featuring Julie Cavanagh.