Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 21, 2013

Barack Obama As Michael Corleone

Today Barack Obama was inaugurated to his second term as president.

He used a Bible once owned by Martin Luther King for the ceremony, a copy of the Good Book that King's family said was MLK's "traveling Bible".

Simultaneously as Obama took the oath of office with his hand on King's Bible, he ordered this:

 SANAA, Yemen — A U.S. drone airstrike on a vehicle Monday east of Yemen’s capital of Sanaa killed three suspected al-Qaida militants and wounded two others, according to security officials.

The airstrike was the third to target al-Qaida militants in the area since Saturday and indicated an uptick in the U.S. military battle against the terror organization in Yemen. On Saturday, two U.S. drone strikes killed eight people, including two known al-Qaida militants, in Marib province.

Gotta love the pathology of Barack Obama, using the King Bible for his oath of office even as he's having drone strikes carried out.

He's like Michael Corleone acting as godfather to his nephew even as he's "settling business" with the heads of the other families and getting ready to kill his nephew's father, Carlo.

Obama called for greater equality for all in his speech to the nation today.

He must mean greater equality for everybody except those brown people he keeps having killed in Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan...