Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cuomo Calls For Extending School Time By 25%

Uh, huh:

In his third State of the State speech as governor, Cuomo also called on school districts to extend the school day or school year -- or a combination of both -- so the state's students can be prepared for the 21st century economy.

"We need more learning time my friends if we are really serious about improving education," Cuomo said.

The governor, in proposing that learning time be extended by at least 25 percent, said the state would pay 100 percent of the additional costs to districts "to give them the incentive to actually do it.

We're already overworked now - seriously.

Between the PD meetings, the focus groups, the curriculum development, the professional period, the instructional rounds, the mentoring, the after school activities, the five classes, the test prep and the tutoring, I simply CANNOT do any more work or give any more time and do what I do as a teacher well.

I know many teachers feel this way (except for the TFA Barbie Dolls like this one.)

But I bet that won't stop the governor from trying to push this extension through.

And they'll say this extension will be used for music and art and PE and enrichment, but you know how it will end up - it will be used for test prep and test-taking.

Endless test prep and endless testing.

Hard to not be cynical these days whenever a politician talks about improving education.

Hey Andy, you want to improve education?



  1. Really now, and the billions of dollars to fund the extra 25% of time is going to be available from increased taxes on the wealthy? This will never happen while plutocrat Cuomo is governor!

  2. I am an art teacher and I already have a massive schedule AND have to work recess/lunch duty/advisory/tutor during the 37.5 minutes weekly. Cuomo is offering to pay for the extra time with grant money. However, teacher unions in each school district in NYS will have to decide how to negotiate the extra time with contracts. I have no problem with extending the day IF AND ONLY IF teachers agree to work the extra time via a majority vote. 25% extra teaching time is going to be a huge burden to the tens of thousands of teachers in NYS state who have families to take care of or college classes to attend to. (Or simply want to enjoy their lives) Adding 25% extra time will be turning schools into the charter school sweatshop mentaliity that exist to simply tame the masses to get ready for a life of corporate slavery.

    1. That's what it's about - "turning schools into the charter school sweatshop mentaliity that exist to simply tame the masses to get ready for a life of corporate slavery." You hit the nail right on the head.

  3. 25% more working time=25% more salary based on years of service. This MUST be broken down by the step level of the teacher. In other words, 25% more time of a 1st year teacher's salary will not be the same as 25% more salary of a 30 year teacher. This is going to cost big bucks.

  4. You think he intends to pay you? Think Rahm Emanuel who extended the day but only want to pay 10 cents on the dollar. These guys all think alike. What do you think the UFT will do, strike like they did in Chicago?

  5. U ain't getting paid ....

  6. There will be no money for teachers in this - it will be, as Nrom says, pennies to the dollar. All the money will go to the "nonprofits" adding the support mechanisms, programs, etc.

    You know, people like Rupert Murdoch.

  7. Ok, I do not think for a second that 3 casinos which "might" be created in upstate NY could possibly pay for this scheme. The money that is involved in this idea is beyond huge.

  8. Seems to me that adding more time to a municipal teachers contract is something that has to be collectively negotiated. If that is the case, then rank and file teachers should be able to vote for or against it. (Actually, even applying for the "grant" must be agreed upon by the local teacher unions just like Race to the Top") Seems to me that Unity hacks will not be able to agree to something like the extra working time without rank and file support. However, in this day and age of Unity propaganda, who knows what might happen. Time for MORE to really step to the plate!

  9. we are falling behind the asians and indians, not much of a choice here.