Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What Does Christine Quinn Need To Do To Win Bloomberg's Love?

The Times has a story today saying Bloomberg is unhappy with Christine Quinn as his potential successor and has been trying to get higher profile people to run for mayor and succeed him in 2014.

The story says Bloomberg is suffering much angst in private that his policies will be undone by the next mayor, so he and his friends and associates are searching far and wide for someone they feel they can safely hand City Hall off to.

The list of people approached by Bloomberg's people includes Chuck Schumer, former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell, Hillary Clinton and Daily News owner/real estate magnate Mort Zuckerman.

All have turned Bloomberg down, but Zuckerman admits to entertaining the possibility:

“I would love to be in that job,” said Mr. Zuckerman, a student of policy who has no party affiliation and weighed running for the Senate a few years ago. 

He insisted that Mr. Bloomberg’s suggestion had an informal “teasing” feel, even as he acknowledged a longstanding call to public service in New York. 

“If I could be appointed, I’d probably be serious about it,” he added, wryly.

Appointed to an elected office so you can run it without the disadvantage of having to, you know, run for that office?

Sure, Mort, why not!

We already live in a fake democracy where money and power run everything.

Why not dispense with the election sham and just appoint rich corporate criminals like yourself to power.

Maybe we can make the term for life too?

Bloomberg overturned term limits just for himself, maybe Mort can overturn elections after he gets into office.

Unfortunately for Mr. Zuckerman, we still do have elections, and if he wants to be mayor of NYC, he's going to have to run for that position.

I, for one, wish he would.

Then we could put him on trial and see just how he made all his real estate money.

Or how he has tried to bust the newspaper unions.

Or how he hired a criminal found guilty of lying to Parliament in charge of his newspaper, the Daily News.

Of course Zuckerman isn't going to run for mayor.

He, like many powerful figures, likes to be fellated in the press with these kinds of stories, but in the end, the only thing these stories accomplish other than inflating the egos of already arrogant people like Zuckerman is undercutting Christine Quinn as the "inevitable" successor to Bloomberg.

Which is interesting in itself.

Many people were thinking that Quinn was the odds on favorite to succeed Bloomberg.

But each one of these stories knocks that inevitably peg down a notch.

It seems that Bloomberg's corporate criminal friends are not happy with Quinn, they are looking for a more-business friendly alternative, and they may not give her as much money and support as she thought she was going to get from them.

Christine Quinn has already sold her charred, blackened soul to the business community and Mike Bloomberg a  thousand times over - what does this poor, corrupt politician need to do to win their love?


  1. Having betrayed her constituents by passively allowing St. Vincent's hospital to close and be replaced with luxury housing, Quinn deserves betrayal ( and much worse) in return.

  2. Yeah, it's kinda fun to see actually. She deserves this. Maybe we can make a movie about it - Damned Chelseans or something like that...

  3. Christine Quinn has the same ideology as Mayor Bloomberg's; nothing will change.

  4. Edith Croissant said Manhattan has more queers than straights