Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 25, 2013

Bloomberg Finally Gets Some Public Scrutiny

Last night at the Daily News mayoral debate, the candidates hammered Bloomberg over his piss poor handling of the Sandy aftermath:

"It's quite possible Mayor Bloomberg does not know what mold is," mocked Comptroller John Liu when the questioning turned to the city's response to super-storm Sandy.

All six candidates agreed the city hasn't done enough to help residents still struggling to recover.
"This is a city administration that wanted to run a marathon while people were just moving into shelters and unfortunately bodies were still being found," said former Comptroller Bill Thompson.

City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who is closest the the mayor of all those running, said mold removal should have been included in the "rapid repairs" program initiated by the city after a homeowner from Gerritsen Beach said hundreds of homes there might be lost due to spreading contamination.

How did Bloomberg respond? 

With a Howard Wolfson tweet:

But Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson felt compelled to tweet last night, "Reality check-- Bloomberg at 65-23 (per cent in polls) on Hurricane Sandy performance."

Try polling people in Staten Island, the Rockaways, and Gerritsen Beach and see what the numbers are.

Wolfson 's job is to lie and spin for his boss, the Mayor of Money, so of course he will look for any way to push back against these charges.

But the fact is, the mayor and his people do think they've done a great job on the Sandy response - even as the mold and other problems post-Sandy destroy houses all over the Rockaways and Staten Island.

Just another example of how out of touch Bloomberg and his henchmen are.


  1. Wait, you can't be referring to the Howard Wolfson who was a consultant to the UFT leadership, could you?

    1. Ah, yes - that would be the person I am talking about.

      I despise consultants in general, but Wolfson I really dislike.

      He is pure, unadulterated scum.