Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mulgrew Surrenders Collective Bargaining Rights To The State

This More Caucus statement on Mulgrew's surrender of the UFT's collective bargaining rights to the state over the evaluation system says almost everything that needs to be said on the subject:

In a recent email to chapter leaders, Michael Mulgrew stated that he welcomes Governor Cuomo’s involvement in forcing an evaluation system on NYC teachers. At a time when teachers are under attack from many quarters, it seems inconceivable that the UFT leadership would cede its bargaining power to the State Education Department. Mulgrew expressed his relief that should talks once again stall, the governor and the SED, “people who actually understand education”, will be involved. Our teachers, the ones who really understand education, will be left out of the decision making process.

We should remember that it was Mulgrew’s willingness to sign on to the state’s Race to the Top application that got us here in the first place. The UFT agreed to allow teachers to be evaluated by student test data in exchange for a promise of $700 million which has yet to reach city classrooms.

We at MORE categorically oppose any evaluation system that includes flawed student test data as a component. We also reject the virtual elimination of tenure that would result from the proposed evaluation system, in which teachers would be presumed incompetent based on that faulty data.
Mulgrew also states in his letter that we need this agreement so that we will not “risk further loss of state money.”  In truth, the state is under no obligation to withhold any funds and is only doing so to force an agreement. Worse still, the state has threatened to take Title I funds from our neediest students in the absence of a deal, showing their contempt for students as well as teachers. Rather than submit to such blatant blackmail, the UFT should be rallying against attempts to rob our poorest children for the sake of pleasing education reformers.

Furthermore, the UFT has sent out District Representatives  to schools claiming that not enough teachers are found unsatisfactory and “that has to change.”  If the purpose of the new evaluation deal is to help teachers improve and “help teachers help students”, as Mulgrew claims in his letter, it should be focused on giving support to teachers, not on getting them terminated.  It is MORE’s position that it is the union’s obligation to protect its members. We should not collaborate with the city in its attempts to fire teachers at will, nor cede our power to the state. Any data driven evaluation system coupled with a weakening of tenure will surely lead to more firings.

It should also be remembered that any new evaluation agreement was supposed to be coupled with a new contract. Not only have teachers been without a contract or a raise since 2009, but this latest capitulation by the UFT basically gives away our strongest bargaining chip in our ongoing contract negotiations.

If there is to be a new evaluation system, it must be fair and ensure the rights of teachers. It should be collectively bargained and subject to the vote of the full membership as dictated by the law. We, the teachers of the UFT, are the ones who “really understand education” so we must be fully engaged in any process that will impact our practice and our profession.

We should not submit to blackmail or an assault on our collective bargaining rights.

It is quite simple - since Michael Mulgrew "welcomes" the state coming in and taking away our collective bargaining rights and imposing its own evaluation system upon us in violation of the law (or worse, devising a law just for NYC that gives the state the power to do this), we need to "welcome" new leadership into the UFT that understands the function of a union and the importance of collective bargaining rights.

It is clear that Michael Mulgrew cannot and will not protect the interests or rights of his members or do his duties as the leader of the United Federation of teachers.

It is past time that the UFT rank and file get some leadership that can and will protect the interests and rights of teachers.


  1. More bad news as the Times reports a major union endorses Christine Quinn for mayor. The UFT should endorse anyone but Quinn for her pro business/charter/Bloomberg positions. The third term orchestrated by Quinn has allowed the Bloomberg DOE to close more schools and attack teachers and the UFT at will. But, I can still see Randi and Mike caving into Quinn and offer similar dribble to this evaluation agreement and the members suffering again and again.