Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Amazon Sells Nazi Flags, Banners, And Armbands Too

So not only is Amazon using Neo-Nazi stormtroopers to keep the immigrant labor in line, they're selling Nazi paraphernalia on the site.

Wanna buy a Nazi flag?

They got you covered.

Need an SS battle flag for your jeep?

They got you covered on that too.

How about a swastika banner for the gymnasium?

Oh, yeah, Amazon's got that.

And something called a "Nazi Youth Knife" and something called an "SS Group Leader's Dagger" and something else called an "SS Death Head Visor Cap."

And of course if they have all this stuff, they also have Nazi armbands and Hitler Youth flags.

Because how you can sell an "SS Death Head Visor Cap" and not give the folks an armband to wear with it?

Gee, you can outfit a whole SS outfit - all from Amazon.

And then you can send the outfit that you've equipped at Amazon to work at and make sure the immigrants from Spain, Portugal and Eastern Europe aren't stealing stuff or taking an extra thirty seconds on their bathroom breaks or trying to escape to England.

How's that for entrepreneurship in action?

Some of the reviews of the Nazi stuff on the site are pretty offensive too. 

Take this one, for example:

Jews control the world today and look at how we care poisoning this planet.
The swastika is an extraterrestrial sign and in sanskrit means good fortune !
I am proud of the swastika !

Nice, huh?

It seems the Third Reich was not destroyed after all.

It is alive and well and living in Amazon's cloud and Amazon's warehouses.

Amazon Uber Alles...


  1. If a German citizen was caught buying any of this crap they'd be in deep scheiss no? But then again they have socialized medicine like all the other industrialized nations so they can't possibly be as smart as we are here. Another fine example of how the free marketeers will sell anything to anybody because their only motive is profit. And these are the guys who think we should step aside and hand over education to them. Effing insane. One more company I will never buy anything from.

    1. You're right, Sean. They'll use the "It's third party sellers, not us," excuse, but it's still jive.

      Bezos is a lawbreaker, a monopolist, a tax thief and, judging by his company's use of Neo-Nazi security and sale of Nazi stuff, a fascist.

      Scummy company, as bas as Walmart. It's time this scumbag gets the same rep as Walmart.

    2. Fuck you communist scumbags heil Hitler!

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