Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tweet, Tweet

John King on Thursday:

Let me hazard a guess on the makeup of  Commissioner King's "advisory council" - not one teacher who doesn't already buy the corporate education deform agenda wholesale.

Hey, John, wanna meet with an insightful group of educators?

Try a MORE meeting.

There you'll hear how Endless Testing is destroying the education system and an entire generation of children.

You'll hear how voodoo VAM is junk science and not a reliable way to evaluate teachers.

You'll hear how technology programs do NOT replace teachers, how class size truly does matter, how the Danielson rubric, with it's "Teach Her Way Or Hit The Highway " approach, is driving excellent educators out of the system.

Those sound like some insights you could use.

You ed deform guys surround yourselves with enough courtiers already.

Try meeting with somebody not bought off.

BTW, how is that Montessori education you're sending your kids to - you know, the one with the small classes and the hands-on learning and without the Endless Testing, working out?


  1. The usual suspects I believe