Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 25, 2013

"Won't Back Down" Wins An Award

What a shame.

It seems the pro-parent trigger law film "Won't Back Down" wasn't nominated in any Academy Award category.

Not even Best Propaganda film.

So Viola Davis and Maggie Gyllenhaal didn't get to walk down the aisle for an Oscar.

But the film did win an award from a right wing organization called the Moving Picture Institute: Liberty In Film, along with other films like Red Dawn and Atlas Shrugged: Part II.

Here were the award announcements:

  • Best explanation of what makes charity possible: The Dark Knight Rises. When Bruce Wayne asks Alfred why the Wayne Family Foundation is no longer contributing to the boys’ home, Alfred explains that contributions are made possible by the profits of their company.  ”No profits, no charity.”
  • Best adaptation of an impossible-to-adapt book: Atlas Shrugged: Part II. The rare sequel that improves upon its predecessor, Atlas Shrugged: Part II does an incredible job of showing both the terrible destruction of big government and the incredible power of the individual.
  • The DVD you need to rent TODAY: Won’t Back Down. Overlooked by some filmgoers, this powerful school choice story angered unions almost as much as it motivated audiences.
  • Best one-liner with a Sudanese diplomat: U.N. Me. When filmmaker Ami Horowitz asks a Sudanese diplomat what caused all the deaths in his country, the man tells him — with a straight face — that they were caused by global warming, rather than by genocide.  Horowitz then asks if the solution to the death in Sudan is…more hybrid cars!
  • Best performance as a publicist for Arab Oil: Matt Damon in Promised Land. Damon’s anti-fracking film was funded by the government of Abu Dhabi.
  • Best one-dimensional portrayal of wealth and poverty: Titanic 3D. Nearly every wealthy person in the film is one-dimensionally greedy, self-absorbed, and evil, and every poor person is kind-hearted and well-intentioned.
  • Best waste of a good idea: Red Dawn. For fear of offending the Chinese government (and losing the Chinese box office) the filmmakers used CGI to replace China with North Korea as the villain in this disappointing remake.
  • Best propaganda piece for toddlers: The Lorax. The writers of this film turned Dr. Suess’ story about conservation into blatant anti-capitalist propaganda aimed at children.
  • Fan Favorite: The Hunger Games. MPI supporters demanded an award for this dystopian tale of an evil centralized government that forces its teenaged citizens to kill each other for sport.

So those of you who think "Won't Back Down" got shut out of the awards season this year, with the Golden Globes, the Academy Awards, the Screenwriters Guild ignoring the film as much as audiences did, you can see that it actually did win an award from some right wingers who also handed out a Liberty Award to Atlas Shrugged: Part II.

Viola Davis, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Ayn Rand - on the next Oprah to discuss their Liberty in Film awards. the horrors of unionized teachers and why free market values are the only ones that matter...

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