Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Murdoch/Klein Hire Duncan Press Flunky


Rupert Murdoch’s empire expands; now Duncan’s former flack/press secretary now working for Murdoch and Joel Klein at Amplify.  He left US Ed Gov in November.

See reference in Edweek to his twitter debate w/ Diane below, in which Hamilton supported the notion of edu-entrepreneurs vs. teachers in improving education.  I guess he chose which camp to join.

Ah yes - the Duncan/Obama education team seems to be feeding both Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst wingnut group and Rupert Murdoch's for-profit education company.

Just in case anybody thinks working for Murdoch is not a big deal, let me remind you that a second front in the hacking case was opened last week when six current and former Murdoch employees were arrested in a whole new hacking investigation.

So many Murdoch employees have been arrested in the scandal that you may be having a difficult time keeping track of the players.

I know I am.

Fortunately for us, UK Progressive has a handy chart with a list of all the arrests and all the crimes allegedly committed.

Here's the chart:

Let me also remind you that for a while there, Joel Klein was running the News Corporation response to the scandal.

He has since given up that job as the scandal looking to be winding down and Murdoch's for profit education business looking to be winding up.

But with a whole new hacking investigation going on and Murdoch's newspaper/education division open to hundreds of millions of dollars in hacking claims in civil court, Klein just may have to go back to his old job of trying to staunch the damage from the hacking/corruption scandals to Murdoch's business.

Maybe former Duncan flunky Justin Hamilton can help out.

He's pretty skilled at jive already.

He'd be perfect trying to bullshit people that nothing evil happened under Rupert's tenure.


  1. May the perp walks continue up the News Corp. chain.

    No one should be surprised that the brazen Murdoch/News Corp. would try to sink its fangs into the public schools, and that he'd buy or rent former government functionaries to assist him.

    But that his foray into education is not immediately met by derisive laughter, and that these people might actually be allowed anywhere near student data, says everything we need to know about how deeply entrenched the venality of this era is.

    Dracula, meet Blood Bank.

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