Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 11, 2013

The NYCDOE Evaluation Implementation Plan

Schoolbook has it here.

This is not going to get off the ground the way the Tweedies say it will, of course.

It's a mess waiting to happen.

So many moving parts, so many ways for it to go wrong and so many potential opportunities for lawsuits.

Should be an eventful couple of years until the first lawsuits get under way.

Many of the teachers in my school who originally supported the Common Core Federal Standards because they thought the old NY State standards were poorly designed have been jumping off the CCFS bandwagon as they've gotten a glimpse of what these standards actually entail and how they're going to be used to bludgeon teachers.

There are still a few supporters left - but very few.

I am going to say that once this APPR training system goes into place and the vast majority of NYC teachers get a gander at what is coming for them in the new evaluation law, there will be very few supporters of a new evaluation system outside of the dozen Asshat4Educators who haven't left for Gates Foundation-funded greener pastures.

And if the UFT leadership sends around Unity hacks to talk this crap up, they're going to be met with scorn.

Because there's no way this horseshit can be dressed up to be anything but horseshit.


  1. So true. This time around the Unity slugs will be met with teachers who are not only pissed and informed, but teachers who are pissed/informed and know who to blame. (Mulgrew and Unity). There will be no way for Unity to "sell" this to it's members in any way shape or form as it is too late for that.

  2. How did teachers ever survive and develop before this Danielson crap showed up?

    And, why are Networks still involved? I've never seen such financial waste on such a useless educational institution. They don't do a damn thing but provide an escape for teachers who couldn't hack teaching getting as far away as they can from kids.

  3. I think Tom Waits said it best when he asked How many ways can you polish up a turd? Isn't it ironic that these freaks call themselves educators then try and spread their glimmering shite to the uninitiated in hopes of finding enough of them to tip a vote?