Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 1, 2013

Feds Threaten To Take Back $700 Million In RttT Money If NYC Teachers Aren't Evaluated With Test Scores

Uh, huh - apparently the whole state loses it's Race to the Top money if NYC teachers do not agree to APPR.

Which seems patently unfair considering 99% of the other districts agreed to this piece of crap system.

But never let it be said that the oligarchs in power will not force their polices NO MATTER WHAT.

Who cares if the policies are unpiloted, untested and potentially harmful to students?

This is education reform, folks, and the oligarchs know best.

That's why some "business leaders" are urging Congress to reauthorize NCLB.

Because "business leaders" know what's best for this country and its people.

And haven't they brought so much good into the world already?

You know, like collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps and the housing bubble and the tech bubble and income inequality comparable to the Third World...

Just what condition would this country be in without it's "business leaders".

Probably healthy and happy.

I say, let NY lose its $700 million in RttT money.

That money can only be used to fire teachers, close schools, develop tests, and track data anyway.

And to win the $700 million in RttT money, NY State districts have had to pledge to spend over $2 billion on "reforms".

It seems to me losing RttT money would be one of the better things that could happen to this state.

And it also seems to me that ignoring, or better yet, mocking the "business leaders" who promote an education policy for the country is also one of the better things that could happen.

So thanks for sharing your thoughts on education, Bill - now whyn'tcha go back to working on that terrific Windows 8 system that everybody loves so much...


  1. You are right, let them keep their damm money, they can stick it where the sun does not shine. This entire fiasco only shows that those in power have no clue about what really matters in education, only their self serving, fraudulent policies that have made education far worse nationally, let alone in NYC.

  2. And if you pull back the lens on this whole fiasco the methods being employed by oligarchy to get their way are reminiscent of the worst old nun teacher stories from the fitties and sixties.
    "We are all going to sit here until the person who made the fart noise confesses, I don't care if any of you go to lunch..." (true story from 8th grade) I think we have a pretty clear picture of how Ommissioner King wowed them in the charter classrooms for that grueling 3 year career of his. Shitty teaching leads to shitty administration and now it's just shitty policy on federal steroids. And these same jerkwads are telling us to teach our kids about the menace of bullying. Priceless.

  3. If the Feds take back the 700 million, then they won't have to borrow the money from Chinese lenders to sustain the national war against public education. Right? Isn't that good news?