Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Leo Casey Explains Collective Bargaining To Us

Do you want to buy what Leo's selling?

I know I don't.

I remember when he sold us on the '05 contract that created the ATR pool and I remember when he defended the Teacher Data Report deal Randi made with the DOE and assured us that the data would never be used against teachers.

How'd those deals work out?

Then I remember how he assured us the APPR system would be collectively bargained in each district so we wouldn't have to worry about it and could safely ignore the criticism of the APPR system coming from naysayers like Carol Burris and Diane Ravitch.

Now he tells us that binding arbitration, as decided by the governor (otherwise known as "management"), is a swell kind of collective bargaining and that anybody who doesn't think so just doesn't understand the concept of "collective bargaining." 

Anybody wanna buy some of that land Leo's selling?

As I wrote earlier on another Assailed Teacher post:

Leo Casey is full of shit. As chief propagandist for the UFT, his job is to get you and I to think his shit is roses. He can try to jazz up his shit with jargon and legalese and, my personal favorite, that condescending tone of “Son, you don’t know what collective bargaining is…” crap, but the truth is Casey is still full of shit and the crap he’s selling us hasn’t turned to flowers despite his efforts.

They’ve given management the right to impose any system they want on us. That’s the reality, no matter what shit Casey is slinging.

Perhaps it’s the lapsed Catholic in me, but I really hold contempt for people who spend their lives lying to other people to fool them into thinking up is down, war is peace and surrender is victory. And that’s Casey’s JOB – to pull the wool over people’s eyes and fool them into thinking the various UFT sell-outs and concessions are in their best interests.

Just ask the ATR’s how Casey’s assurances over the odious ’05 contract worked out. Or ask the 4th-8th grade math and ELA teachers who had their names and ratings printed in the paper (complete with 52% margin of error) how Casey’s assurances over the Teacher Data Reports worked out.

Leo Casey’s the perfect emblem for a corrupt union leadership that serves its own interests and only its own interests. You should believe NOTHING he says, ever – not even the words “is” and “was”.

Close the door on him, send him back out into the rain, send him back to the UFT/AFT boiler room.

You don't want to buy what Lyin' Leo Casey's selling you.


  1. 4 or five years ago when schools started to close and become mini-schools, they came around telling the soon to be displaced teachers "that 50 per cent of you will be retained by new schools"....HA bout NOBODY will be retained by new schools...they are all scumbags...

  2. With people like Leo Casey defending us, we are in real trouble.

  3. Leo Casey's problem is not the lie. it is he believes his own B.S. I do not know if we should laugh or cry at his crap, but, I know most high school people felt he was a disaster do more harm than good mouth piece for Randi. Never forget, that he was her chapter leader at Clara Barton HS when she taught for all of five minutes. At best he is a condescending A-Hole, who dresses like a 60's hippy on acid. Washington,D.C. and the AFT deserve this putz.
    Casey I believe was the first ever HS V.P who did not serve as a D.R. another break through made by that model of seniority Randi. Mulgrew too, never served as a special or district rep, went on the express right to the top. These folks make the old soviet union politburo look like a model of democracy.

    1. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I don't think Casey believes his own bullshit. If he did, and the Unity folks did, they'd put this stuff up for a vote, thinking they could win it. But instead they rig the whole process, they subvert democracy within the union, they lie, they cheat, they have their minions tells teachers they can't put MORE stuff into mailboxes, etc.

      Nah, Casey doesn't believe this shit. Neither does Mulgrew. They just think they can get us to believe it if they sling enough pixie dust around with it.

      That's how I see it.

  4. There are TWO parts about what Leo's selling that I really really like:

    1. It is so ridiculous, that even an idiot like me can show how it's not based in any reality at all.
    2. He has stated that anyone (read MORE) who doesn't see it his way, just doesn't have a good grasp on what collective bargaining is.

    So funny as it's he (and that horrible horrible line of reasoning) demonstrating how little he understands it.

  5. Leo trying to sell us Mulgrew's BS is like Bill Gates pushing Vista 9or 8 for that matter). Don't buy it!

  6. Let's talk reality for a minute since this is the Reality Based Educator blog and other bloggers are commenting here. You are 100% right about Leo although somewhat crude in how you say it.

    What are you guys doing to stop this? Are you out there distributing MORE literature to the schools. Are you running for delegate and chapter leader positions so you can put up a counterweight at the DA? Are you going to MORE (opposition) meetings so they aren't taken over by the fringe? Are you donating money so the people who are trying to effect change can get the word out? If you are not satisfied with what's out there, have you gotten together with like minded people to start your own caucus? Blogging is cool but it's not enough. Leo might be wrong but he is an excellent propagandist. Look at the results of the UFT elections. His caucus wins every time by huge margins. Whose fault is that? You are going to answer that it is a corrupt system. Well get away from the computer screen and try to change it please.

  7. MORE is running as a legitimate caucus in the upcoming UFT election and they have been holding organizational meetings/handing out flyers for some time now. They are the first caucus group that has caused fear in the hearts of UNITY and they will be a force to be seen for quite a long time. I know the majority of teachers in my school will be voting MORE as we are all extremely pissed at the Mulgrew/Casey/UNITY propaganda machine that is intent on selling each and every one of us out.