Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cowardly Bloomberg Refuses To Face The Groundhog

From DNAinfo:

WEST BRIGHTON — Mayor Michael Bloomberg is steering clear of his last chance to come face-to-face with Staten Island Chuck.

The mayor does not plan to attend the annual Groundhog Day event at the Staten Island Zoo Saturday morning, in what would have been the last chance to mend his tumultuous relationship with the furry forecaster while still in office and presiding over the ceremony.

In 2009, Chuck chomped Bloomberg's finger as the mayor tried to coax him out of his winter nest.
Since then, the pair's relationship has been cool — though Staten Island Zoo director Ken Mitchell said he thought a final meeting would have gone by without incident.


A Bloomberg spokesman did not reveal the mayor's reason for not attending the Groundhog Day event this year but said he has sometimes chosen not to attend in the past.

Groundhogs are generally not known for having sparkling personalities, but Mitchell said Chuck, who’s full name is Chuck E. Hogg, generally has a good temperament.

Bloomberg likely disagrees. In 2011, he refused to reach after the rodent, instead using a plunger to help get him out of his home.

"I love the plunger," Bloomberg said on the video, originally posted by the Daily News. "That was so much better than having to reach in and let the son of a b—ch bite you."

During last year’s prediction, the mayor even vowed to retaliate if Chuck took another bite at his finger.

"If I get bit again," the mayor said before picking up Chuck, "I have actually promised my girlfriend I would bite back."

It's too bad Chuck didn't get one more chance to let Bloomberg know what many people in the city think about him.

This time around, Mayor-Elect Quinn took Bloomberg's place.

Looks like she thinks the job is hers already.

Sadly, Chuck didn't let her know how many in the city feel about that third term maneuver of hers.

The good news is, Chuck predicted an early Spring.

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