Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 25, 2013

Cuomo Still Intends To Punish NYC Schools With $250 Million In Lost Aid

From the Daily News Politics blog:

Despite a call to do so by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Gov. Cuomo today said he has no plans to pay the city $250 million it lost in additional school aid after not enacting a teacher evaluation plan by last month’s deadline.

Asked during an appearance in Staten Island if still planned to withhold the money, Cuomo answered with a simple, “yes.”

The Cuomo administration is actually fighting a lawsuit seeking to force the state to pay the money. A lower court ruled against the state, saying the students shouldn't be unduly punished because of a dispute between the mayor's office and the teavchers union. The state is appealing the ruling.
Silver told the New York Times in today’s editions that he will push to reinstate the funding to the city schools in the upcoming 2013-14 budget.

This is simply Cuomo playing hard ball and making a point - do what he says when he says or else.

We'll see if the courts and the legislature let him get away with it.

As I noted earlier today, there is blood in the water around Cuomo over the DOT employee firing and a few other issues and it looks like people are finally starting to stand up to him.

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