Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Complex Vocabulary And Informational Text Everywhere!

Thanks to the Common Core Federal Standards, students are reading and playing hockey at the same time now.

There's no more time to simply work on your athletic skills or run or play or work out.

Oh, no - we have to multi-task complex text and informational reading and other so-called 21st century Common Core Federal Standards skills along with art, music, gym and recess.

I have noticed that students no longer work on art in art class anymore.

Nope - they write argumentative essays, just like they do in English class, science class, history class and health class.

It's all argumentation all the time in every class.

That's all kids learn now - informational text, complex vocabulary and argumentative essay writing.

And these one size fits all Common Core Federal Standards are going to help students become more creative and entrepreneurial?


The damage these standards are causing is showing up already in children.

Just wait until they're fully implemented, along with the high stakes "assessments" (i.e., standardized multiple choice tests and essay exams graded by computer programs to those of you not part of the corrupt education/industrial complex.)

A lost generation, that's what we're going to have.

Heckuva job, Barack.

It's hard to believe, but he's been worse than Bush.


  1. Funny thing is...all of these "reformers" including The Great Obama seek "transparency" for everyone else (the peons)...but practice the opposite when it comes to their personal lives....hehe....funny how they can get away with that act, eh...?

  2. You can tell it's the second term now that Obama is flipping off the media and hanging with his fellow elite in an exclusive club sharing sob stories about how mean everyone is to them both, If I needed a gauge of Obama's character aside from sending his own kids to an elite school and imposing prison like conditions on everyone else's kids, I think the little rendezvous with Tiger pretty well seals the deal. Scumbag.

  3. I posted the first comment....Obama has just completely disgraced himself with this one...and golfing with Tiger is if not the least of it, small change compared to the visual El Presidente is presenting to the citizenry.

    Don't forget...this is while "Michelle" is closing down Aspen air space, skiing with the kids...and how many in the "entourage"...? I'm sorry...but too many opulent vacations for these the face of Hard Times for many people around the isn't the time to be partying non stop...

    If this guy was for real at all...he'd actually go to Florida....yes...but golf at an average public course....and stay in the Holiday Inn for $77 bucks a night...and eat at Olive Garden once...what...he can't do that for a few nights...?

  4. ....let alone the Stalinesque suppression of major Press...THAT is a major a major "F" Uuuuuu to the masses...reminds me of Bloomberg...and the rest...

  5. ....can you imagine the uproar if a President Romney was conducting biz like this....or any GOP least Bush retreated to his boring Texas ranch and burned brush....or at least that was the official,story....Obama ain't leading anything with these's a big F Uuuuuu...

  6. More contradictory behavior from our union vote collecting, union dues collecting Neo Liberal traitor shitheads. Obama, Rahmbo, Corey Booker, Prince Andy Cuomo very much in step with Wee Mayor Bloomberg the megalomanical polyp that he is. And now what Pretty Penny Pritzker another Chicago crook and billionheiress is going to take over a key cabinet post in D.C. So glad I wised up and refused to vote for this schmuck.

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