Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Education Week Presents Education Lessons From Donald Rumsfeld

Seriously - they do.

Here's what Rummy has to offer us:

Shit happens - free markets are untidy and people make mistakes and sometimes that means selling off entire public school systems to private equity predators and letting them suck the money dry, leaving the children in classrooms of sixty kids with no heat, no desks, no books and no teachers because they all got fired.  That's just what needs to happen and there's nothing we can do about it.

Oh, wait - that's what he said about Baghdad after the invasion.

Well, it works for education reform too.

Gee, how exciting that Education Week is publishing all these insights from military leaders on how to reform the education system.

Next week Education Week is going to bring us the wit and wisdom of General William Westmoreland and the charterization of the public school system.

The article is entitled "In Order To Save The Public Education System, We Had To Destroy It."

After that, Kissinger on how to achieve "Education Reform With Honor."

What a great paper of record, this Education Week.

We can learn so much from it.

Like what not to do and who not to listen to.

UPDATE - 1:01 PM: More wisdom on leadership from Donald Rumsfeld:

Yeah, Rumsfeld has so much to teach us about leadership.

How many people died as a result of Donald Rumsfeld's arrogance, hubris, and incompetence?


  1. Do you think someday you'll have the I am not a crook philosophy by Nixon...or even his poodle, Checkers?

  2. Maybe we can expand the lessons to leaders from other countries. Maybe Mao can teach us how to have a Cultural Revolution in the school, system and set up Education Reform Camps for those who just won't get with the program.

    Or Stalin can offer Five Year Education Reform Plans - get on board with the plan or move to Siberia.

    Yes, the wisdom we can garner from military and political leaders is endless.

  3. Or Marcus Garvey can use his steamship line and ship all the ESL/ELL's, struggling African-American, Hispanic-American to Liberia due to no access to libraries and computers because family incomes are below the poverty line.

  4. ... and send the UFT District Rep shills and bogus Network leaders with them.

  5. Excellent and very funny! This deserves wider readership!

  6. Oh and can we get Condi the Failure who completely blew 9-11 to tell us how not privatizing our schools will make it easier for Al Qaeda to get us with exploding cows and poisoned pens? Where do these freaks come from anyway, Rumsfeld should be in prison not selling books and doing lectures.

  7. Nixon is looking pretty good now compared to Obama. What's a little plan to spike Castro's beard compared to drones?