Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Christine Quinn Hides Campaign Schedule To Keep Away Protesters

Poor Christine Quinn - so many people follow her around to protest her policies that her campaign has to place an embargo on her schedule:

Christine Quinn’s mayoral campaign scheduling arrives with a caveat that her rivals rarely, if ever, employ: “NOT FOR PRINT OR BROADCAST” and “ALL ITEMS EMBARGOED UNTIL DATE AND TIME OF EVENT.”

Beginning with her bid’s launch last month, the Quinn campaign has told reporters they cannot reveal Ms. Quinn’s whereabouts until the event she is attending is underway. In contrast, all but one of Ms. Quinn’s competitors have no stipulations whatsoever, oftentimes simply stating “Media Advisory” or “For Immediate Release.” Only Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s campaign says, “For Planning Purposes Only,” but there is no specific order to avoid publishing the details.

But Ms. Quinn’s spokesman Mike Morey insisted the “embargoed” directive was “standard practice.”

“It’s a template that we use on the public schedule,” he said, noting that her appearances at many public forums are reported elsewhere anyway, including yesterday’s. “In any campaign, there are times in which you embargo a news event that you plan to hold that day. But in this case, obviously this was a public event.”

It's not standard practice by the other campaigns, although it certainly is a template into the kind of mayor Christine Quinn would be:

“That’s a poor reflection of what kind of mayor she’d be, transparency is an important quality in a mayor,” said Todd Brogan, a spokesman for former Councilman Sal Albanese. “It doesn’t reflect well on Christine Quinn that she wants to keep the public from knowing what she’s doing.”

And of course the reason why the Quinn campaign has to embargo Quinn's scheduled appearances is because she has a dedicated cadre of protesters who follow her around wherever she goes:

Some operatives speculated the schedule strategy was to help Ms. Quinn avoid the clusters of dedicated protesters that seem to shadow her at many events, something Mr. Morey said was not the case. But one leading Quinn gadfly, documentary filmmaker Donny Moss, believes otherwise.

“Of course Quinn wants to keep her schedule private. She doesn’t want to have to explain why she’s greeted by protesters day after day,” he explained. “Our presence reflects poorly on Quinn, and it begs the question among the thousands of people who pass us, ‘What has Quinn done to stir up so much anger that people have taken to the streets to protest her?’”

Mr. Moss added, “We’ve watched her and her entourage navigate around piles of garbage to avoid passing by us.”

Quinn and her operatives walking through piles of garbage to avoid the protesters that follow her around to her events.

That's quite an image.

If she's elected mayor of the New York City, that will also become the emblem of her administration.

That Quinn's campaign has to hide her schedule to avoid the protesters is just another sign of how weak she really is as a "frontrunner."


  1. Quinn has been up to her neck in piles of garbage for years.

    1. It seems to be her natural habitat. I've talked to some on her staff - they seem like the kind of people who enjoy garbage too.