Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Note To Randi Weingarten On Her Moratorium Call

You can call for a moratorium on teacher evaluations and school closures tied to Common Core tests all you want.

David Coleman and Merryl Tisch can sit in the audience and hear your entirely reasoned argument.

They're not going to put a moratorium on anything here in NY State.

Both the governor and the NYSED Commissioner want every school district in the state to use the APPR evaluation system to fire teachers next year.

They told us that last week when they warned Buffalo about a memorandum of understanding between the district and the union that no teachers would be fired using APPR the first year because it is untested and unpiloted.

Buffalo has since rescinded that agreement under threat of losing RttT and Title 1 money.

And Merryl Tisch and John King both said after your speech that there will be no moratorium in NY State from APPR.

They say they've taken all potential problems into account, so teachers in NY State will be fired using the new teacher evaluation system based upon Common Core tests.

Thanks for the free coffee and donuts at the speech though, Randi.

They were swell.

And I know you just loved getting all the attention you got today for this speech, you attention hound you.

But nothing will happen as a result of this speech.

The powers that be in NY State have told us so already.

The firings based on Common Core commence next year.


  1. "Whinegarten" is such a tool. She AGREED to all of this crap to begin with. Now she is against it? What a lame o'.

    1. Yup - Iannuzzi pulled the same bait and switch. They stood on stage and applauded this, now they're shocked when the increased standards are shoved down everyone's throat in one year, without preparation, and careers and reputations will be ruined as a result.

      What a joke.

      She must be feeling the heat from down below a little. This was WWE wrestling crap to make it look like she's fighting the good fight. Then she got into the limo with Tisch and Coleman and they all rode off laughing together...

  2. Weingarten is the mother of UFT doublethink and doublespeak. It is for her to say what she thinks the the naive idiocracy needs to hear, but to do the bidding of the plutocracy, since Tisch, Pearson, Bloomberg and Gates will endow her future with favors, ka-Ching moolah and access to the powerful politicians at the Washington politburo. Mulgrew is the father of doublespeak, and well connected with his friends at TWEED. No one, but no one beliefs the bullshit crap that spews out of their mouths. They are moles.

    1. I totally agree. This was WWE wrestling show today. All fake, to make it look like she's standing up for her members.

  3. Wait. Why was the college board president in the audience?

    1. Because he was one of the developers of the Common Core standards and may be the most prominent "face" for them.

  4. Randi Weingarten is the Barack Obama of American teachers' unions.

    She is a complete and total fraud.

    The only thing she could do that is meaningful is resign from AFT.

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