Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, April 15, 2013

Will Selling The Common Core Like Beer And Tires Backfire?

Leonie Haimson posted that some unnamed billionaire has put up $240,000 to buy subway, bus and billboard ads selling the Common Core in NYC.

This "public awareness campaign" (i.e., propaganda campaign) follows on the heels of some not-so anonymous corporations selling Common Core via TV advertising during sporting events and the news.

Exxon Mobil, for example, advertised for the Common Core all throughout the Masters Golf Tournament over the weekend.

I wonder if this sort of thing won't backfire.

For example, some comments after the Exxon Mobil ads:

I'm generally a fan of or at least neutral, but seeing promote standards with TV ads makes me uneasy, skeptical (LINK)

Thought the Common Core conspiracy stuff was nuts, but now that Exxon's advertising for it ... (LINK)

Just saw a commercial by Exxon Mobil supporting the common core standards in education. Knew they were bad, this confirms it. (LINK)

This advertising blitz follows education reform/Common Core evangelists like NYSED Commissioner John King and NYCDOE Chancellor Dennis Walcott making the community rounds and preaching the Gospel of the Common Core Formative and Summative Assessments.

I wonder if that sort of thing won't backfire too.

When you have to sell something this hard, this much, it smacks of desperation and, frankly, failure.

As NYC Educator alludes to in his latest post, it gives off a New Coke or Edsel smell.

Or, since Bill Gates is so involved in the development and selling of the Common Core, it gives off a Windows Millenium, Windows Vista, Zune, exploding Xbox smell.

I dunno - maybe people will buy these propaganda, er, advertising campaigns.

Or maybe, just as they did with New Coke, the Edsel and any number of crappy Microsoft products, they'll take a pass.


  1. John King is going to face his judgement day and it's coming a lot sooner than his mentor Steiner ever told him. Do you think he can get Regent Bennett off the shuffleboard courts in Boca Raton quick enough to do all of his talking for him as he has for Kingnocchio's entire career to date? What a pathetic lilliputian of a human being bundled up in a suit and tie with an Ivy league degree and absolutely lacking in credibility.

    1. The arrogance of this little man and his cohort in crime, Merryl Tisch, certainly seems to be awakening a lot of parents and indeed even the general public to the malevolence behind their agenda.