Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Some Very Scary Words

Here you go:

Anthony Weiner, who resigned his congressional seat over a sext scandal that was exposed by an errant tweet, launched a new Twitter account today.

Not as scary as the words "Pearson" and "no-bid contract," but nonetheless the words "Weiner" and Twitter" do not belong in the same sentence unless that sentence is "Anthony Weiner is forbidden from having a Twitter account."

And so Weiner's re-emergence into public life continues.

I still say he should close the damned Twitter account, stop giving interviews to the press and get a real freaking job for once in his life.

Seriously, this man has never had a real job or worked for a living in is entire life.

That crap he did as a congressman (which was mostly garner publicity and attention for himself) doesn't count.

Hey, Anthony, go get some help.

Find a Sex Addicts Anonymous meeting.

Go to therapy.

Find yourself.

And leave the rest of us alone.


  1. Personally, I find it more sad than scary, and hope that he tries to find himself (is there anyone there to find?) after his doomed candidacy assures that Quinn does not avoid a run-off.

    1. I like to have empathy for people, but the arrogance, the swagger, the sneer and the way he tried to his lie his way through PenisGate leaves me feeling little for him.

      I agree his entrance into the race will create a mess - but does he really help Quinn avoid a runoff? I think he almost ensures a runoff if he enters - but if it's between Quinn and him, then he ensures she wins.

      Maybe that's the plan?