Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why Is The NYSED Scared To Have Common Core Test Questions Revealed?

If teachers reveal problem questions on this week's Common Core tests to the press, the NYSED will have their state certification voided and have them fired from their jobs.

What are the geniuses at the NYSED afraid of?

Last year, these geniuses gave the state the Pineapple and the Hare debacle.

This year, we've already heard stories of product placement in the tests, including what amounts to an advertisement, complete with trademark, for Mugs Root Beer: ‘Mugs root beer is the leading brand of rootbeer,’

We have also heard that because of all the field test questions in the tests, many students have been unable to finish all of the questions.

The NYSED spokesperson tells us this is all about test security.

But it sure seems like the geniuses at the NYSED do not want anybody to be able to hold them accountable for their mistakes, the way they were shamed into accountability last year over the Pineapple and the Hare.

Remember, NYSED Commissioner John King defended the Pineapple and Hare questions at first before the furor in the press caused him to have to backtrack and throw the questions out.

If the NYSED and Pearson succeed in keeping these tests a secret, you can bet that they won't care what crap they put on them because they know they'll never be held accountable.

Once again, accountability is for the little people, not the geniuses at the NYSED or Pearson.


  1. They are embarrassed because the Mugs Root Beer was an oversized 32 ounce soda. They are afraid that the might offend our royal imperial mayor Bloomberg. So ... Hush , hush !

    1. That's funny - I may steal that joke from you for a future post on the Pearson tests I am planning.

  2. Michelle Rhee is a criminal.

  3. Pearson wrote the test on the Shroud of Turin.