Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Ad Targets Christine Quinn On St. Vincent's Sell-Out

Another political broadside against Christine Quinn:

A group opposing Christine Quinn for mayor is unveiling a new TV ad Wednesday that blames her for the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital.
The new spot is the second from New York City is Not for Sale 2013 to blast the City Council speaker in the past two weeks.

The ad blasts Quinn — the front-runner in the mayoral race — for supporting a zoning change that paved the way for the Greenwich Village hospital to close.
The coalition of labor, animal rights activists and Democratic donors has vowed to spend up to $1 million on the anti-Quinn campaign. They group says it is not affiliated with any of the other City Hall contenders.

Quinn has already dropped 5-7 points in two separate polls since February.

It will be very interesting to see the next set of polls on the race.

Weiner's flirtation with running adds uncertainty to the race that wasn't there back in February.

But with or without Weiner's entrance into the race, Quinn has had a rough few months.

I will be very surprised if all of these attacks on Quinn over her slush fund, term limits, and now St. Vincent's doesn't have a serious effect on her support.


  1. It's about time she's been forcefully attacked for this. As many awful things as she has done, this is what she'll rot in Hell for.

    1. You're right, Michael.

      Money over lives - that Christine Quinn's view on things.

      A dollar is always a dollar.

  2. It sure would be interesting to hear Quinn whine and cry as she melts way into a pile of wax as the sunlight disinfects her corrupt inner core.