Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Daily News And Post Are In Their Glory This Morning

The ghouls working at the NY Daily News and the NY Post love mornings like this one.

They get to run dozens of stories about terror and death and mass injuries and chaos with captions like "Blood Everywhere!" and "I Heard This Bang - Then Chaos!"

They get to run photos of people with their legs blown off and scenes of carnage around the Boston Marathon.

If you're working for the NY Post, you can even report casualties at the Boston Marathon bombing were 4 times as high as they actually were and then pull back that report without ever acknowledging you were wrong.

And the Newsies and the Posties all make believe like this stuff they are running is in the "public interest."

They're just out to inform the public, give them the information they need to know to stay safe.


The media in general loves days like yesterday and today, with all the blood and gore and fear and chaos to report.

But the News and the Post just seem to love it a little more than the rest.

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