Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Corporate Motto For Pearson

The corporate motto Pearson uses these days after the company name is "Always Learning."

Given the prevalence of screw-ups Pearson has made in New York State since given contracts by both the NYSED and the NYCDOE, the motto takes on a whole new significance these days.

Perhaps they're "always learning," but they never actually seem to finish learning anything - like how to score tests right, or how to time the tests, or how to develop passages for the tests or how to make sure there is only one answer for each question or how to make sure the Chinese language test doesn't offer questions in Korean.

I'm thinking that, given all these mistakes Pearson has made over the two years, they should change their corporate motto to Pearson - "Always Screwing Stuff Up, But Never Getting Our Contracts Revoked!"

It's a long motto, I know, but this is the Era of the Common Core.

We can no longer sacrifice accuracy for brevity.

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