Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Here's How Some Teachers In Mexico Responded To Education Reform

From the Associated Press:

ACAPULCO, Mexico -- Striking teachers in Mexico's Guerrero state attacked the offices of four political parties and a building of the state's education department Wednesday after the legislature approved an education reform without meeting their demands.

Dozens of teachers carrying sticks and stones smashed windows, spray-painted insults at President Enrique Pena Nieto on walls and destroyed computers and furniture. They set fire to the state headquarters of the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party and another building.
No injuries were reported as the teachers, some masked, ran wild after a protest march in the state capital of Chilpancingo.

Minervino Moran, a spokesman for the strikers, said the attacks were in response to the approval by Guerrero's legislators of legislation similar to a recently adopted federal education law that requires teachers to be evaluated and that seeks to remove control over hiring and firing from the teachers' union.

"We as leaders and as a movement endorse these actions because there is a lot of anger, a lot of outrage with the decision the (state) congress made," said Moran, a spokesman for Guerrero state's Education Workers Union.

I'm not suggesting teachers unions in the United States of America should take a similar response to education reforms in the United States, but it does put Randi's big idea of creating a website called "Share Your Lesson" into perspective, doesn't it?


  1. Love reading your posts. Just one thing...

    "I'm not suggesting teachers' unions in America..."
    RBE teachers' unions in America are responding like so. America is a continent. The United States just monopolized the term. We are the United States of America(a continent.) Mexico is The United States of Mexico (in the continent of America.)

    1. You're right! Sorry - I meant the United States of America. Thanks for the correction!