Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cuomo To Call For More Common Core Professional Development For Teachers

Just in case you thought he was going to walk back his support of his education reform agenda:

Cuomo is also expected to propose additional funding for professional development to help teachers who are struggling with the new, more rigorous Common Core standards, a source said. Both the Regents and the Senate's education committee chairman have pushed for the professional development funds.

Cuomo has said he will increase overall state aid for education, suggesting at a cabinet meeting last month that the increase might be “close to 5 percent,” which would break a self-imposed spending cap, Capital has reported. State aid to schools this fiscal year was about $21 billion.

It is reported that he is also going to be proposing statewide full-day pre-K, though the dollar amount that he is putting up for the program is a little nebulous at this point.

PD and Pre-K - these seem to be his education issues for the State of the State.

So far, we have no indication that he will address the growing rebellion across the state over CCSS, APPR or inBloom.


  1. More PD to teach poorly designed Common Core lessons is a worthless diversion for Cuomo.

  2. this common core thing is not worth the cash