Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, January 2, 2015

A Tale Of Two Cuomos

Mario Cuomo - 1984 Democratic National Convention Keynote Speech:

Andrew Cuomo - 2015 Second Inaugural Speech, Buffalo NY:


  1. This is not only a tale of two Cuomos. It is a tale of two Americas.

    I honestly think Andrew helped to break his father's heart and contributed to his father's stress level.

    I cannot believe Andrew is from the gene pool as his parents. I met his mother many years ago and she and her husband were nothing like the monster politician Andrew has become.

    Andrew Cuomo is a teacher and principal hater. He HATES public schools. He is a poor excuse for a man, an elected politician, and an Italian American. I am ashamed to think he belongs to the same pool as where my grandparents came from in their native Italy.

    E disgustoso!

  2. I am in complete agreement with everyone that has said Andrew Cuomo hates public schools and anything associated with them, especially teachers.
    I can't believe that his mother is in agreement with his treatment of public schools and teachers. She was a teacher and championed for disadvantaged children, establishing a mentoring program that partnered adult role models with children who wanted to quit school, did not see the value in school,etc. Does anyone know if she taught in a public or private school?
    He is a bully in the truest sense.

  3. Andy boy is an absolute piece of crap and a sorry excuse for a human being.How he sprung forth from his parents' loins and still ended up so execrably defies description.Time to send him on his way ti well deserved ignominy.Anything and everything this vainglorious turd does from hereon out must be loudly and roundly derided.Hounding him the F*** out of office is too good for this snotty faced heap of pigeon droppings.