Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Andrew Cuomo's War On Teachers Summed Up - "Pedophiles With Pensions"

That's the Cuomo strategy going into this legislative session - smear teachers as "pedophiles with pensions."

He signaled it here and here.

It's demagoguery pure and simple - but that's where he's going with the fight.

He's going to tell the public that he wants to put students above the "pedophiles with pensions," unlike those nasty teachers unions that defend sex criminals and incompetents.

Worthy of Joe McCarthy, the coming Cuomo campaign against teachers.

If we're really lucky, he'll give us a McCarthy moment and tell us just how many pedophiles there are in the school system that he says can't be gotten rid of.

But he'll probably just continue to do what he's done so far and make vague accusations and smears against teachers, then let his pals at the Post and Daily News carry the load of the attack for him.

And they will.

They'll use a couple of incidents to smear all teachers as criminals unworthy of a presumption of innocence.

I'd like to point out that FOX 5 has an anchor that was accused of rape (though charges were never filed against him) and a former reporter serving time on child molestation charges.

I could use those two cases to smear all FOX 5 employees as criminals and pedophiles and say there's a crisis of criminality at FOX 5 (as NY Post columnist Andrea Peyser once said of NYCDOE employees even as her fellow Murdoch employees were being arrested left and right in Britain on hacking charges.)

Given the two cases I mentioned at FOX 5, the percentage of accused or convicted criminals at FOX 5 would be comparable to, if not higher, than accused or convicted criminals working in the NYCDOE.

And if you add in all the Murdoch employees arrested for hacking and related charges overseas, well then - you really do have a crisis of criminality in the Murdoch Empire.

That wouldn't be a fair attack, of course, to smear FOX 5 employees for the crimes of one former colleague, an accusation lodged against a current colleague, and the criminal misdeeds of their fellow reporters in Britain, but it would be exactly the kind of thing Murdoch's minions engage in all the time at the Post.

It's a shame that the most powerful politician in the State of New York engages in the same kinds of attacks as employees for Rupert Murdoch.

But that's exactly what he's doing with his "Pedophiles with Pensions" campaign.

When Cuomo reemerges from mourning the passing of his father and goes back to attack teachers as "pedophiles with pensions" again, let's call him on his demagoguery.

Like I said earlier, it's McCarthy stuff, it's a witch hunt, and we can't let him get away with it.

Bad enough the Post and DN do it - we can't allow the Governor of New York to join them too.


  1. Is Cuomo a Murdoch employee?

  2. He smears the teachers (as pedophiles) like De Blasio smears the cops(as racists). When are we going to turn our backs on him?

  3. You may not like what the cops are doing but I envy their solidarity and militancy! Go PBA!

    1. You can't beat it. When is Marty Messner going to get off his blackberry and kick some ass? Yeah exactly, same time Karen McWho finishes her next strongly worded letter and Randi rescues the Nigerian school girls in a daring night time Apache helicopter raid.

  4. Time for major concerted back turning on Andy boy, plus a #RESPECT twitter campaign.A few flash mob die ins at Andy events would be good, too.