Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Governor Cuomo Expected To Have "Harsh Words" For Teachers, Schools In Budget Speech Today

From Ken Lovett at the Daily News:

The governor in his combined State of the State/budget address is expected to have harsh words for the public education establishment, which he has argued is only interested in maintaining the status quo.

Public education establishment?

That means teachers, administrators and schools.

We must not let him use euphemisms here when what he means to do is attack teachers, administrators and schools.


  1. RBE, way to go with scaring everyone with your numerous posts of Cornball Cuomo. He's not getting his way with much. Stop scaring these poor folks man. Gimme a break!

    1. When has Cuomo ever not gotten his way?

      When has the NYSUT/UFT ever directly battled him?

      Why is the UFT/NYSUT already telling their members that they will only fight Cuomo on funding and not The Charter Cap/Evaluations/Tenue?

      It is definitely time to start worrying.

  2. He gets his way most of the time. I'm pretty sure no teacher union is planning to stop him. Mostly because they're probably on his side anyway.