Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teachers Unions Will Fight Cuomo On Funding, Not Evaluations

From Daily Politics:

The state teachers union on Thursday morning will begin a six-day ad campaign calling on Gov. Cuomo to better fund schools, the Daily News has learned.

The ad buy, which will run on broadcast and cable television in the New York City region and Albany, is timed to lead up to Cuomo's combined State of State and budget address on Wednesday that is expected to call for major education reforms opposed by the teacher unions.

"It reminds the governor that the state has failed in its responsibility to adequately and equitably fund public schools--and that should be the central issue in this legislation session," said Carl Korn, spokesman for the New York State United Teachers. "Everything else is peripheral."

The unions and other public education advocates have made the issue of reducing the funding equity gap between poor and rich schools their top priority this year as Cuomo is expected to aggressively push a host of other initiatives such as an increase in charter schools and tougher teacher evaluation standards.

Arthur Goldstein gave a play-by-play from the UFT Delegates Assembly tonight at 52 Broadway on Twitter.

The takeaway from Mulgrew at the DA?

War's over, folks.

Union heads are going fight for more dollars while they cave over the charter cap, charter funding, teacher evaluations, etc.

They'll probably win a few extra bucks out of Cuomo in return for the "reforms" he wants for charters, evaluations, etc.

The irony is, those few extra bucks the union heads win out of Cuomo will go to force new compliance measures on you and your schools.


  1. All nonsense. What really matters is the tremendous opportunity in the city schools. So much $$$ to be made in per session activities, clubs, etc. 6 schools in a building, maybe 7 or 8. Love it so much! Saw my principals mentor today who is making about $1,500 per session with him daily. Love it! Place is booming with extra $$$ for all. Wait till the cell phones come in the schools. More $$$ for more deans, security, etc. There is opportunity in chaos and the NYC DIE has never ever been more chaotic than now. I love this job!

  2. At least when the APPR gets me fired I will have a double pension to fall back on... oh wait...

  3. So this is how it will be -
    Union leaders getting double pensions and we get shafted out of ours!!!



  4. AFT/NYSUT/UFT needs to go

    They're corrupt
    They do not represent their members
    And they will live like fat cats in the end!

    They need to go...asap

  5. I don't trust them!