Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Silver Says Assembly Will "Look At" Cuomo's Evaluation, Tenure Proposals

Assembly Speaker Silver was quite clear about the charter cap and voucher proposal Cuomo called for in his speech today - no way.

As for the evaluation and tenure changes, well, not so adamant about that:

“It’s obviously a complex issue,” Silver said. “It’s being presented to us and we’ll have to look at it.”

That equivocation on the evaluation and tenure proposals doesn't sound good to me.

That sounds to me like Silver's going to give on those.

Perhaps not the 50% Cuomo wants tied to test scores, but in the end, it sounds like much of what Cuomo wants on tenure and evals, Cuomo will get.

That's how I read Silver saying "We'll look at it" this early in the process.

Hope I'm wrong about that.

But unless the NYSUT and UFT tell Silver he's got to go to the mattresses on the "reforms" Cuomo proposed for APPR and tenure, Silver's going to agree to them.

You can see that in the rhetoric around the various education issues.

I think the charter cap increase will happen too - but the stronger rhetoric around that means Silver wants something in return for it.

The APPR and tenure reforms?

He'll look at it.


  1. Me thinkths that Silver was involved in some underhanded, shaded deals and Cuomo, the prince of Moreland Commission interference, has the assemblyman in a stronghold around the testicles. Therefore, Silver may make some concessions that will make the Governor very happy, teachers more confused and baffled than ever before and Tisch running to Piaget to reward her wicked, bitch ass for screwing NYS teachers.

    This is what happens when the members listen to the union leadership and not vote for Teachout.

    1. I think it's less shady than that. The UFT signaled APPR, the cap and other things were negotiable so long as more $ was forthcoming:

      Silver's just following their lead.


    Some pushback from nysape

    1. Yes. We ought to call for investigation of unions today. Guarantee you this sellout was designed behind the scenes - more $ in return for reforms deformers wanted.

  3. Mulgrew sold us out, so don't expect the Dems to support us.
    This is why we cannot count on a long grassroots organization like MORE to catch fire. And I'm not too trusting of the new slate that's coming up.

  4. Which new slate?
    Mulgrew doesn't give a damn. I wonder where the union thinks the dues will come from when there are no more teachers.