Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 8, 2015

John Flanagan Promises An "Aggressive" Legislative Session On Education Policies

Count me skeptical that Flanagan will be anything but Cuomo's reliable ally on "breaking" the public education system:

During a CapTon interview last night, Senate Education Committee Chairman John Flanagan said state lawmakers are willing to work with Gov. Andrew Cuomo on education reform, but warned the governor not to propose anything too “draconian” when it comes to overhauling the system.

The Long Island Republican declined to say what might constitute going too far in his mind, noting Cuomo has yet to really tip his hand – other than the everything-but-the-kitchen sink letter his administration sent to the outgoing education commissioner and regents chancellor late last year.


Flanagan said he wants to wait to see what Cuomo has to say in his State of the State address, which was delayed from yesterday to Jan. 21 due to the death of the governor’s father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo.

Flanagan said he'd rather see legislative bills on ed policy rather than Cuomo sticking changes into the budget process, then said this:

The senator said there’s “no question” that it will be a “very aggressive” session where education policy is concerned. So, buckle up.

Great - just what we need for an education system that has already undergone dramatic changes over the last few years - an "aggressive" legislative session to push more dramatic changes.

Bet that most of those "aggressive" changes will get stuck into the budget - just the way Cuomo stuck the last APPR stuff there.


  1. Another "sound byte" from John ... a guy who wants to be everybody's friend except when he is dumping on teachers. This guy is a turncoat and has repeatedly sided with the repub charter-school friends (Dean Skelos ... are you paying attention?). He likes to paint himself as a champion for schools and kids and then he takes money from pro-school reform groups. Now that everyone in Albany has been safely re-elected they'll talk tough or whatever they need to do to appease the repub senate majority.

    Flanagan is telling the truth though when he states that he doesn't like ed reform tied into Cuomo's budget proposal. This is a game. Every year Cuomo ties up money in his budget for "pet" ideas for education. Then, the repub senators from Long Island play the game of getting more aid for Long Island schools by getting Cuomo to 'release' the tied up money.

    What ALL legislators should be fighting is the need to get rid of the GAP ELIMINATION ADJUSTMENT and to restore money owed to public school districts from years of hold backs. There's a reason that Albany is sitting on a surplus!

    The game starts again ... I'm so excited (not) to hear what Cuomo has in store for public schools on January 21 when he makes his annual state of the state address. The NYSAPE letter should be something that Cuomo and Tisch take seriously. Unfortunately, we're just going to get more crap rammed down our throats, like it or not.

    God help us.

  2. Flanagan is what the lads would've called a collaborator. There are consequences.