Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, January 5, 2015

Mario And Andrew

Takeaway from Fred Dicker's Post column today?

Andrew Cuomo is working his daddy issues out on the state:

Friends and associates of Gov. Cuomo privately predict difficult times ahead for the governor as he adjusts to the end of his unusually dependent relationship with his strong-willed father, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, who died Thursday.

“Andrew holds most people in contempt, but that wasn’t true of his father, one of the few people he genuinely looked to and needed for positive reinforcement,’’ a longtime friend of the younger Cuomo told The Post.

Cuomo family intimates predicted over the weekend that Andrew — who reveled in his father’s praise when he won adoption of a gay-marriage law — will even more aggressively pursue a liberal agenda in his second term.

Such a left-of-center direction was hinted at by Cuomo last week as he railed against “income inequality’’ during two inaugural addresses a short time before his father passed away.

Many close to both Cuomos describe a stormy and at times confrontational relationship between the two strong-willed men.

One of the earliest rifts occurred in the mid-1980s when Andrew Cuomo, attempting to start his own law practice after leaving as a “special adviser’’ in his father’s newly established administration, became involved with developers seeking to do business with the state.

Andrew’s actions, which received high-profile press coverage amid charges of conflict of interest, deeply embarrassed the then-governor, who successfully pressured his son to move his career in another direction. The wound between them took years to heal.

The worst rift occurred nearly a decade later when Andrew, a newly appointed assistant secretary at the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, repeatedly warned his father not to seek re-election to a fourth term in 1994.

“Mario Cuomo was a fierce critic, and he was an especially fierce critic of his son,’’ said one of the oldest friends of the Cuomo family.

“That took a toll on Andrew, really shook him up and because of that, ever since then, I think part of his motivation in life has been to impress father,’’ the family friend said.

I've read before this that the Cuomos had a complex relationship, so I'm not surprised by this news.

Just as George W Bush tried working his mommy and daddy issues out on the country, Cuomo seems to be working his daddy issues on the state.

It's a shame these pols just don't go to therapy and work they're stuff out on the couch.

But instead they work it out writ large on the political stage.

Last thing to say here - I have a hard time seeing Andrew "aggressively pursue a liberal agenda in his second term."

If anything, with Mario now gone, Andrew doesn't have to worry that his father will criticize him for being a corporate whore anymore - like he did when Andy tried starting his law practice in the 1980's.

My view is, Andrew Cuomo will push a few high profile "liberal" causes while continuing to pursue his mostly center-right agenda - especially as he gets ready to fulfill his promise to "break" the public school system.

After all, that's where the money is.


  1. "(Andrew) Cuomo holds most people in contempt..."

    Well, who would have ever thought? And would he be surprised to know that, among many, many people who've observed his reptilian behavior over the years, the feeling is mutual?