Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cuomo Called This Teacher Evaluation System "Just Right" In October 2013

Tweet from last night:

Here was Cuomo defending Common Core and his APPR teacher evaluation system back in October 2013, claiming he didn't know whether the APPR ratings around the state were too high or too low:

Cuomo said New Yorkers typically seek change in state government, but they are also resistant to it because it's nerve-wracking. There are typically kinks when a state agency undergoes any kind of policy overhaul, he said.

“Change, by the way, normally isn't totally smooth,” Cuomo said. “When you come in with a big change, there [are] normally fits and starts, and it's a little jerky. So that's to be expected.”

He said the Common Core is “state of the art” and the evaluations are “exactly right.”

“I'm sure there's going to be bumps along the way, but I will leave it to [the education department] to make decisions about how to best handle it,” he said.

Cuomo wouldn't comment directly on the preliminary results of the first year of teacher evaluations, which King announced Tuesday at a Board of Regents meeting.

About 92 percent of teachers outside New York City received high scores under the system, as did about 87 percent of principals. But there are still about 7,000 teachers and 300 principals who received lower ratings and will have to complete individualized professional development programs.

“I would have no basis to comment on that,” Cuomo said, referring to the numbers. “The evaluations, I believe in. We've been pushing very, very hard, and they were stalled for years, and we pushed to get them done, because I believe in performance, and I believe in data.

“Whether the numbers are high or low, I just wouldn't know,” he finished.

How ironic - just 15 months ago, Cuomo was claiming APPR was "just right" and wouldn't comment on whether there were too many high or low ratings.

Now he's calling the same system "baloney" and saying there are way too many high ratings and not enough low ratings.

Funny how so much of his perception of APPR has changed in 15 months time.

I'm sure all that ed deformer and hedge fundie cash that ended up in his campaign coffers had nothing to do with it. 

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