Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Cuomo Plans Destruction Of Public School System In New York

Does that headline seem extreme?

Check out what Cuomo said yesterday:

Cuomo has said repeatedly that he’s dissatisfied with what he calls the “education industry”, which he labeled the most “sophisticated political machine” in Albany. Cuomo, who has tangled with the teachers union in recent months, reiterated those concerns on Tuesday.

“It probably has been the single greatest failure of the state in many ways,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo says reform, including an overhaul of teacher performance reviews and fixing bad schools are at the top of his agenda. And he says simply spending "more money" is not the answer. He says it’s been tried in the past, with little improvement.

“And you know what it’s gotten us?” Cuomo asked. “A larger and larger bureaucracy, and higher salaries for the people who work in the education industry.”

The public school system is an education industry that is the single greatest failure of the state.

With that kind of rhetoric out of him yesterday, expect him to call for the complete destruction of the public school system today in his State of the State/budget speech.

Here's some insight into what's coming.

Anybody think a Twitter campaign is going to beat this assault back?

Me, not so much on that idea - at least not as the main strategy to fight back against Cuomo's outrageous assault.

The one saving grace out of all of this is, Cuomo's looking to push this all across the state.

I wonder how his "reforms" are going to go over in Scarsdale, Harrison, Larchmont and places like that?

Are parents there, most of whom do NOT think their schools are failing, going to go in for Cuomo's reform agenda that forces more evaluation compliance and test stress?

We'll see.

More later.


  1. The largest failed monopoly is government for refusing to protect the public interest,

  2. Funny how people writing scary blogs just live to keep riding nonsense. Yes, he will deliver a speech but give me a break with all the death threads. Why are you scaring people for no reason?

  3. "Death threads"? Are you a teacher in NY? If so, you are either very naive or clueless as to what Cuomo is about to do the the teaching profession in NY.