Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Assembly Speaker's Race Gets Shake-Up

Which does this:

Cathy Nolan of Queens and Joe Lentol of Brooklyn announced today, along with Heastie.

Heastie was considered the front runner even with Wright looking to be speaker.

With Wright out and throwing his support to Heastie, that makes him that much more the front runner to be permanent speaker.


  1. What's the history with Cuomo and Headtie? Any relationship to note? How's Heastie with the teachers' unions? Is Heastie one to back public schools? Did he attend BS public school in Bronx?

    1. Rumor has it de Blasio aide Emma Wolfe was calling around, pushing Heastie.

      Rumor also has it that he's labor's guy.

      Wright shilled for Cuomo during the campaign, Morelle and Cuomo are close (Morelle's conservative.)

      I'm not a Kremlin watcher like the Albany press corps, but my sense is, Heastie is close to wrapping it all up.

      He's a party boss, he's reported to be friendly w/ real estate industry.

      That's all I know.

  2. Sorry, spelling on Heastie

  3. It's all about the blacks uniting. Great quote in article. Ha! Heastie is a LOCK! Don't be surprised in Sharpton or Obama, maybe Jay-Z, weigh in for this guy. White female Nolan has a zero percent chance.