Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Regents Exam Administration And Grading Updates

From the NYCDOE website:

Schools are closed today, Tuesday, January 27. Given the snow day, Regents exams will be rescheduled to Thursday. The subjects impacted are:
  • Global History and Geography 
  • Integrated Algebra
  • Comprehensive Testing in Writing (special education)
  • Comprehensive in Mathematics (special education)

And for grading:

It's all going to be shoved into Thursday and Friday, day and night, and over the weekend (except for ELA per session grading, which begins Wednesday night according to the schedule.)

Looks like per session may be offered for day graders on certain subjects to stay and grade after the workday is over.

One exception: History Regents exams will be graded in individual schools - the DOE calendar update has both day and night central grading of History Regents exams cancelled and teachers reporting to their own schools.

So apparently teachers are not to be trusted grading exams from their own schools - except for global history and U.S. history teachers, who will be grading exams in their own schools.

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