Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, January 8, 2015

More Christie Corruption News

On the heels of this morning's leak to the Wall Street Journal that the Christie corruption scandal has widened to the Christie campaign comes this news tonight:

A federal grand jury has subpoenaed the state legislative panel investigating the George Washington Bridge access lane closures seeking records related to the Port Authority’s former deputy executive director.

Sen. Loretta Weinberg, co-chair of the committee, said the subpoena seeks audio or video records of testimony of Bill Baroni, who resigned rom the Port Authority in December 2013, testifying about the lane closures before the Assembly transportation committee in November 2013.
The subpoena was shared with committee members today.

Weinberg said the subpoena also sought any documents related to Baroni that the committee may have obtained since the grand jury’s last subpoena, which asked the committee to turn over any and all information it collected as part of its investigation.

“We have shared all of our documents with them generally,” Weinberg, a Teaneck Democrat, said. “So I think this was to cover anything that might have come in that we hadn’t given to them.”

Christie wants you to think Bridgegate and the ancillary scandals are over.

They're not.

Grab some popcorn and you're favorite orange sweater and enjoy the show.

Better than a Cowboys game in Jerry Jones' owner box.


  1. Oh, it's gonna be sweet watching him go "pop" in public...

  2. Do you think Jerrah got the stink of Christie off his clothes yet or did he just burn em?

    1. Well, as the jock-sniffing circle jerkers they are, my guess is they really get off on all those socially acceptable embraces...