Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Great Way To Assess College Readiness

Workingmomfromnys had a reaction to the news that SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimpher wants to add more tests to the Endless Testing regime in order to test and track college readiness levels in high school:

Here is a way to assess college and career readiness.... give students more independent work and see how they do executing it and meeting deadlines. I bet that is a far better predictor of college or career "readiness" then any test....

Of course that sort of "college readiness" gauge doesn't make boatloads of cash for the Endless Testing regime or make the Gates Foundation technocrats happy, so it'll never fly.


  1. Studies show the best predictor of college readiness is teacher grades, not standardized test grades. Of course, that does nothing to give the NY Post a sensational headline, so you won't see that bandied about very frequently.

    1. Doesn't help David Coleman or College Board make money either. So instead we get Coleman pushing SAT prep to be added to the curriculum (for a price, of course.)