Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 12, 2015

Why Are Cuomo's People Such Emotional Regressives?

State of Politics:

A letter from members of the state’s Congressional delegation supporting stronger rent control protections garnered a sarcastic reply in response from an aide in the Cuomo administration’s Washington, D.C.-based office.

In the letter, House Democrats who represent New York City in Congress urged Gov. Andrew Cuomo to support strong rent control regulations, similar the measures adopted by the Assembly, which backed a package last month ending vacancy decontrol.

In response, Cuomo special counsel Alexander Cochran sent a sarcastic reply in an email address to staff as well as Sens. Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Queens Rep. Grace Meng.
Cochran’s response, in full:
Chiefs and LDs
Great letter. Didn’t realize the federal delegation was supposed to be used as a state lobbying vehicle. Second time in two weeks. Looking forward to seeing letters to the Mayor on state and city issues. Happy to give you suggestions.
The email was sent this afternoon, a day after the letter was made public.

A commenter at the post notes:

Cuomo's snarky with...Congressmen; State Senators; State Assemblymembers; the Mayor of NYC; local Mayors; County officials; union leaders; school board elected; newspaper columnists.

Indeed, about the only group Cuomo isn't snarky with is his wealthy donors.

As for his staff, clearly they have been told it's cool to share the boss's dismissive attitude of everybody but his wealthy donors - they have a rep for being asses to just about everybody (see here and here.)

What damage had to be done to these people as children that they're comfortable working for Cuomo and acting this way?

As for the question in the post title, I know why Cuomo's people are emotional regressives - it's because their boss, Sheriff Andy, is an emotional regressive and he surrounds himself with the same.


  1. He obviously has a green light from Cuomo to behave this boldly arrogant. He's actually sneering at people. It's also apparent who he represents. That would be the oligarchs. It's as if he was surrounded by a thick wall made of hundred dollar bills. Impenetrable.

  2. He is simply the public manifestation of the terror of a ruling class that is no longer competent to rule; he represents a collective nervous breakdown which if allowed to run its course will surely destroy all of us.

  3. Senator John Flanagan plays by the same book. He gets very loud and downright aggressive in an attempt to intimidate those that disagree with him. I know this from personal experience. I told him to go "F" himself and he got the message fast. Flanagan is a creep. Anyone that thinks teachers will ever get a fair deal from this guy is delusional. No one on this board knows him better than me so listen to what I am saying. He held a fundraiser for his personal campaign committee on Tuesday. Tickets went for $1,000 a head. He also presided over a fundraiser the very next day of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee for $5,000 a head. Who do you think was attending these functions? It wasn't the guy that teaches social studies in some middle school in East New York.