Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, June 4, 2015

No One Wanted To Rally With Andy

More evidence Cuomo's become the laughing stock of the state:

ALBANY—Governor Andrew Cuomo abandoned plans to hold a rally about rent regulations this afternoon after tenant activists began marshaling a protest.

As Capital reported Wednesday, the rally was to be held at a community center on 134th street in Harlem in the early afternoon. Cuomo stated his support for strengthening rent regulations, but advocates—skeptical from his handling of the issue in 2011—spent Wednesday getting arrested outside the governor's Capitol office.

They lampooned the rally, and several Democratic legislators who were invited did not struggle to contain their enthusiasm.

“No one was going to go,” said one invited legislator.

I know there are readers of this blog who remain convinced that Cuomo is the same powerful pol he was earlier in his tenure and certainly, the ed reforms he imposed in the budget show he's still very, very dangerous.

Nonetheless, there's a lot of evidence - from the polling to this rally he called and then had to call off when no one was going to go - to show how weakened he has become.

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