Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, June 19, 2015

Carl Heastie: Senate Republicans Love Charters - Just Not In Their Own Districts

State of Politics:

Heastie on Friday reiterated the Assembly’s reticence to support lifting the cap on charter schools, which Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan has linked to an extension of mayoral control in New York City.

“For the most part, the Assembly conference are not big supporters of charter schools,” Heastie said. “Charters are something Senate Republicans like to support. They never want them in their district.”

Indeed, John Flanagan loves charters - and charter school money.

How many charter schools are there on Long Island, where Flanagan is from?

Just five.

Flanagan and his fellow Senate Republicans from Long Island sure do love their charters - just not in their own districts.

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  1. The TEAPublicans and Quid Pro Quomo are semi-pro Cheater School. As you noted they like them in other areas of the state--they also want to work with the Dems to reach phony limits on Cheaters (this year Flanagan is talking 100 more) so they can continue to extort more money out of the hedge fund Cheater school backers/investors. The money they got the last election cycle was critical to them retaining the Senate majority. Their ploy is very similar to the rent control extortion--creating a need for regular renewal of this type of legislation is a critical strategy in NY State's Pay to Play culture of corruption. Our legislator do not do "the people's work" instead they engage in closed door deals that are no more than blatant extortion from big money interests--while debating issues like the wood frog in public. The question is why do New Yorker's tolerate this from our is so blatant that they publicly decry Preet Bharara as the reason they cannot get anything done!