Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, June 15, 2015

Regents Approve Four Month Waiver To Delay APPR Teacher Evaluation System

From Politics on the Hudson:

School districts could get a four-month waiver to delay the Nov. 15 deadline to implement new teacher evaluations after Board of Regents subcommittee approved the change today.

The vote came as the Board of Regents signs off on a new set of criteria to evaluate teachers and principals in the state’s nearly 700 school districts. The full Board of Regents is set to approve the changes tomorrow.


The four-month waiver would take a district into the spring, so the new system wouldn’t be in place during the 2015-16 school year, which starts July 1.

That’s if a district applies to the state Education Department for the waiver and is approved.

How many districts apply for the waiver?

How many are granted waivers?

And how does Governor Cuomo, assuming he's not in prison, react since he said he would only be happy if waivers were the exception, not the rule?


  1. Ok, I am confused. Let's assume NYC does not get a waiver. That means the new evaluation system will go into effect on November 15th. Does that mean that there will be no observations for Sept, October, and half of November? Any info is appreciated but I bet everybody is as confused as I.

  2. What a Fustercluck!

  3. This meathead governor. Sounds like he has marbles in his mouth when he speaks. He's a sub-moron. Yet, he blackmailed the whole State Assembly into a total . . . fusterckuck