Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Regents Turning On Each Other

Jessica Bakeman's report on the Board of Regents meeting yesterday:

“The meeting was tense and disorganized at different points. … Regent James Cottrell, an at-large member from Brooklyn, at one point jokingly referred to the dissenting regents as the ‘gang of seven,’ to which [Bronx Regent Betty] Rosa took offense. She stressed she wanted the record to show she didn’t appreciate name-calling. He apologized, noting that he meant the moniker with only respect.  [PRO]

The "Gang of Seven"?

Sure the nickname was meant in respect.

How about "Cuomo's Gang of Ten" for the rest of the members of the Board of Regents?


  1. "Sgt. Pepper's Heavy Hearts Club Band".

  2. Michael FiorilloJune 16, 2015 at 2:56 PM

    As someone who thinks that gridlock is preferable to a malign consensus (which is what we've had with testing and so-called reform for far too long), I think this is a very good sign, as it appears that conflict is breaking out into the open between different factions, and that the consensus about so-called reform is breaking down. Conflict among so-called reformers will provide opportunities to change the terms of debate in a healthier direction.

    I think I previously gave the over-under on Elia at two years, but I'm inclined to reduce that. She, more than anyone, will be ground to bits if there's open conflict among the Regents. Hopefully Tisch and her Regents Fellows mercenaries precede her.

  3. It is reassuring to see conflict among the regents, some of whom do not belong in this position because many of them have acted with complete disregard and have violated the oath of office to protect our children by exposing them to the abuse being handed out against our public education system by Cuomo and his bosses.

    The fact that Cottrell referred to the other regents as the Gang of Seven spells imminent trouble for the reformers.

    If it was done in a jokingly way, it 1) demonstrates the lack of integrity, and the disrespect Cottrell holds for the office of regents, New York's public education system, our teachers, and most importantly our students and their families, and 2) the textbook play of the reformers to attack and discredit those who rightfully expose the reform movement as a fraudulent effort to destroy our tradition as a democratic society.

    If Cottrell ever did care about our students, he would join those that he bashes. What are his motives, and how indebted is he to Cuomo, Tisch, and the vile individuals in seats of power and money?

    The attacks by Cottrell are to be expected to continue, because they cannot engage their responsible regent counterparts in a civil and unbiased arena...for they would lose.

    The attacks tell us they are losing...will continue to lose, and will eventually fold under the weight of the citizens of New York.

    Elia is nothing more than acid on an out of control fire...she was brought in to take the heat directly off of Tisch...

    But the kitchen is about to get even hotter for the reformers. Tisch is a snake that refuses to step down...we will take her down!

  4. We need to take the witch down!