Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Clergy Campaign for Social and Economic Justice Calls Cuomo's Education Tax Credit Bill A Giveaway To The Wealthy

From the Daily News:

ALBANY — Timothy Cardinal Dolan and Gov. Cuomo pressed state lawmakers to pass a controversial education tax credit Monday while more than 100 clergy members signed a letter urging the governor to abandon it.

The Clergy Campaign for Social and Economic Justice said Cuomo’s proposal would provide “unaccountable tax relief in the funding of private education for the wealthiest among us.”
Clergy members also opposed Cuomo’s effort to raise the state’s cap on charter schools.

"The governor's agenda appears to be an assault on public schools, on behalf of wealthy donors and corporate interests,” said the Rev. Michael Walrond Jr. of the First Corinthian Baptist Church in Harlem.

Charter schools have harmed Catholic schools greatly, so really, the Catholic diocese at large should be opposed to an increase in the charter cap.

Many students in past years who might have attended Catholic schools now attend charters.

But in the usual quid pro quo that is politics, Dolan and Company remain mum on the charter cap so that they have a chance to see tax credits passed for private and Catholic schools.

So far, the heavy hearts in the Assembly have said they will hold the line and not pass the Cuomo private/Catholic school tax credit bill.

We'll see if that continues.


  1. Very disappointed in Dolan.

  2. I called my member of the "Heavy Hearts Club," one of the most extraordinary hacks in the entire Assembly, Gary Pretlow, who represents mostly Mount Vernon but also, unfortunately, a tiny slice of Yonkers where I live.

    I sent him this message on Friday:

    "Dear Assemblymember Pretlow:

    This LOHUD editorial explains why I oppose the education tax credit proposed by Gov. Cuomo:

    When I called your office last week to inquire about your position your receptionist said I’d have to “ask the Member.” I asked to speak to you. She came back to say that you “supported it with reservations.” When I asked her what those reservations were she told me she didn’t know.

    I left my name and asked to have you explain them to me. I guess when you heard that it was me calling you decided you didn't want to speak to me. She called me back to discuss my concerns, but it was your “concerns” that were the issue.

    I have left you some rather strong messages about my support for public education. I gather that you are tired of receiving them. I regret if they were so strong that you don’t believe you can talk with me about your positions. If you are willing to, I would like that opportunity and can be reached at 917/806.....

    When we met almost a year ago now in your office in Mt. Vernon I came away with the distinct impression that you don’t care much about the opinions of the sliver of us of your constituents who live in Yonkers or about public education. I hope that you actually do and would be willing to return my call.

    I'm not counting on it.


    Harris Lirtzman"